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The Basics Of Getting A Bodybuilder Physique



Stop believing what you hear on television and in the news about how you always NEED to buy some product on the internet in order to get the physique that you want. You don’t.

lifting heavy weights

In fact, this guide will take you through ALL of the basics of fitness. I will be explaining that, yes, while supplements can definitely help and give you that extra edge over the competition, they aren’t essential. Supplements are best for those who ALREADY have nailed the basics.


A complete beginner or someone who has never done a squat in their life will not benefit from supplements as much as they will from learning the basics. So, if you are a complete beginner in the fitness realm, then this post is for you.


We will be breaking this down into three main sections. These three sections are the CORES of bodybuilding and fitness. In fact, I believe these three things to be the ultimate three things to living a physically healthy life.


1. Sleep


Yes, this one may seem obvious, but you need at least 8 hours of sleep per night. The human body NEEDS to rest. Preferably you have a set schedule when you are going to bed at the same time every day.

sleep guy

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Well, the same thing applies in fitness, but a tad differently.


Getting enough adequate sleep helps make sure your body recovers to tackle the day ahead of you.


2. Healthy Eating/Drinking

food healthy eating

I don’t like to use the term “diet” because that usually means that it is just a temporary ordeal. “Oh it’s almost summer, so I need to start dieting for swimsuit season.” I guarantee anyone who says that doesn’t have a champion’s physique. Dieting is for average people, a lifestyle change is what is needed for a fitness winner.


Pay attention to this next part of the post, it might be the most important.


I want to let you in on a little secret…

Something that fitness companies, gyms, supplement manufacturers, and other corporations don’t want you to know…




I want to repeat that so it gets nailed down in your head.




There, I said it. The big secret is out. 80% of the work is in the kitchen. But don’t worry! I will definitely make another post showing you how to meal prep for the week and make consuming the right foods an easy process. In fact, you can minimally exercise and have a kick ass meal plan and still look great.


3. Exercise/Lifting Weights


Alright, the third and final necessity of getting the body you have always wanted is exercising and lifting weights. If you are a guy, you NEED to be lifting weights. Just doing cardio won’t get the job done.




The reason mostly men need to lift is because it is one of the best ways to heavily increase your testosterone. As a guy, you should be concerned with your testosterone levels as many studies have shown that it is directly linked to happiness in men. Having a normal to higher levels of testosterone has also been linked to greater levels of overall physical achievement in populations of men.

body building physique example

I can’t speak for women, but I’d bet that lifting is good for you lovely ladies as well. Another benefit of regular exercise and lifting weights that is often not accounted for is that it helps you get a great sleep. It is just logical to prove this point.


If you are doing physically demanding things on a regular basis, your body will be tired by the end of the day. The great thing about your body being tired at the end of the day is that you are almost guaranteed to sleep like a dog and get 8+ hours of sleep every night. I hope this makes sense.


If you exhaust your body throughout the day and then lay your back onto your bed at night and start to shut your eyes, the next thing you realize… it is 9 AM in the morning and you just slept for 10 hours. In fact, some of the best rests with amazing dreams that I have ever had have been after workouts where I completely exhausted my body to the point where I couldn’t manage to do another pull up for the entire day.

A lot of guys worry about people judging or laughing at them in the gym because they are in terrible shape. Let me tell you something, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU. This may sound like a bad thing, but it is actually great. When you step into the gym, it’s you versus yourself. It isn’t you versus Mr. Chaddius McSteroidBro. It’s you versus you, and nobody cares or is paying attention to you, except you.


Here is the last big point that I want to leave you with and then I will conclude this post.




I recommend working out at least 3 days per week, but preferably 5 to 6 if you want to be in the top 10%. However, 3 days a week of intense physical exercise mixed with a great diet and adequate sleep will do wonders. Most people just have a terrible diet, and are too lazy to exercise on a regular basis. Don’t be one of those people. You were dedicated enough to finish reading this post (1000+ Words), so you don’t lack dedication. If fitness is a goal that you really do want to achieve, it is entirely possible.


Review Time


Alright, so we went over the big three things you need to get that physique you dream of. Now, let’s review those things and get you to the next level of actually achieving them. Below, I will give you an example plan of goals and actions to take in order to achieve them.

1. Sleep

GOAL: You need 8+ Hours of sleep.

ACTION: Make a schedule/to-do-list of all the things you need to do during the week and block out at least 8 hours per day for sleep.


2. Healthy Eating/Drinking

GOAL: Get A Healthier Meal Plan

ACTION: Watch a meal prepping video on YouTube and prepare a shopping list. Then, buy the food needed and make the meals shown in the video for the week.


3. Exercise/Lifting Weights

GOAL: Be Able To Squat 1.5X Your Weight / Lose 30 lbs / Be Able To Do A Set Of 10 Pull Ups

ACTIONS: Do 3 sets of 10 squats at least once per week / Intensify your workouts to burn more calories / Do at least 5 pull ups in one set per day for 30 days

running man successful

If you break things down into their smaller components, anything becomes possible. Heck, I am a terrible writer as you can probably tell, but I still managed to put this long post together. It all begins with just getting your foot in the door. What are you waiting for? Start today.





Orgain Protein Powder Review

orgain organic protein powder


Review Of Orgain Organic Protein Powder


Is it the best muscle building protein powder of all time?


Can I just take this and forget about working out for the rest of my life?


So… then what is the point?

It’s Clean Protein And It Delivers Results.


Plant Based Protein Powder


Orgain isn’t your average meathead protein powder. Fortunately, not all of human kind wants to look like a giant fake-tanned muscle. For those people – there’s Orgain. Orgain might not have all of those awesome superhuman-building animal products that make you super huge and awesome, but it will help make you look great in tandem with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

low carb plant based protein powder


Most average gym-goers are okay with using the Walmart brand of protein powders. However, most people are Walmart-like people. Orgain protein powder is the best vegan protein powder on the market today. It is packed with organic pea, rice, and chia seed proteins that allow for the maximum amount of gains you can receive – without the animal products.


However, let’s face the facts here. There is no magical weapon that can both give you amazing gains while not having any kind of animal product in there. You will never become an animal without eating them. Despite what all of the vegan bodybuilders out there will say, the average person will see much greater results if they used an animal-based protein over a plant-based one. I definitely don’t want to be telling you lies in this Orgain protein powder review.


Healthy Natural Protein Powder


With that being said, a healthy natural protein powder such as Orgain can really amp up the results. In fact, I use Orgain while using other protein powders as well. When you pick any kind of flavoured vegan protein powder, just make sure it has a few different requirements. Make sure it is a stevia free vegan protein powder, that it is healthy and natural, low carb plant-based, or it is non soy based protein powder. The reason that you don’t want a ton of soy in your protein is that soy can mimic phytoestrogens. Trust me, if you are trying to make gains, anything with an over abundance of estrogen in it is not a good thing.


Best Vegan Protein Powder


With all of the jokes aside, this is one of the best vegan protein powders on the market today. Sure, there are many animal-based protein powders out there and most bodybuilders recognize that Whey protein is “Way Good For You Bro!” However, there is something to be said about these natural vegan based protein powders out there. They really are forming quite a market, and the taste of this Orgain protein powder is superb! Thanks for reading my Orgain Protein powder review.


Pre Kaged Pre Workout Review

Pre Kaged Pre Workout – Unleash The Rage


So, I have had some great experiences with using pre workout powders…

AND I’ve had some TERRIBLE experiences.

Luckily, Pre Kaged is one of those great experiences.


Pre Kaged Pre Workout Review


Pre Kaged Pre Workout is a powder that is loaded with a little fun substance called L-Citrulline. If you haven’t used a product with L-Citrulline in it before, well then you are in for a treat. L-Citrulline is this awesome stuff that makes your muscles look ultra pumped in the gym. It makes the body look incredibly vascular before your workouts. So, if you are a bro-gym-dude-bro like myself, then you can have that Hollywood looking physique every time you step in the gym. Of course, it is temporary, but I know there are some skinny guys out there that would kill to look jacked for their 30 minutes of gym time – per month. I’m just kidding skinny guys, but this supplement will really help you out if you are tired of looking skinny and pitiful in the gym. Also, this Kaged pre workout, while using other Kaged supplements in tandem, helped me lose almost 45 lbs of weight over 6 months.


The Good – Pre Kaged Review Best Results


I had some good and some not so great results while using Pre Kaged Pre Workout. The first great thing about this pre workout was that I definitely felt ready to go to the gym every day. Kaged Muscle Pre Workout really amped me up in the gym.

kaged pre workout india


While taking the product, I felt great for about 2 hours afterwards. Supposedly Pre Kaged Pre Workout India is a thing too, but the stuff that I received was labelled Made in USA. Either way, I’m sure the Indians make great stuff too.


The Bad – The Come Down


Now the only bad effect that I had while using Pre Kaged Pre Workout was coming down from using the product. This stuff is powerful. It feels like you were smacked in the face and ready for a workout when you take this stuff, but you start to slow down about 2 hours afterwards.


kaged pre workout review


Like many other uppers, what goes up must come down. I certainly experienced the come down about 2 hours after each time I used the product. It was a pretty quick come down, but it operated pretty fast. Maybe Kaged Pre Workout India might have a better come down.


Conclusion – Great Product


pre kaged pre workout india


The bottom line of the Pre Kaged Pre Workout is that it is a great product. The developers really took the time to create a product that not only gets you pumped up FOR the gym, but also make you look good while you are AT the gym. I think a lot of pre workout manufacturers make an either-or kind of product. They either make a pre workout designed to get you ready for the gym, or they make a product that makes you look good while you are at the gym. Pre Kaged does both pretty well, all for a reasonable price.



Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard Review

Optimum Nutrition 100 percent whey gold standard reviewCLICK FOR CURRENT PRICE

ON 100% Whey Gold Standard Review


Okay, okay, this review is going to be a LITTLE bias…

I am a huge fan of Optimum Nutrition.

I have been using their, for the most part, amazing products since I was only 16. With that being said, if you are going to buy ANYTHING made by Optimum Nutrition (ON), buy their protein powders.

hydro whey optimum nutrition


These guys are the real deal when it comes to protein. In fact, MOST bodybuilders have used an ON product within their lifting career. The reason that ON is so popular is because almost all of their products are lab tested (I mean, they aren’t going to test the shirts they make in a lab). Their proteins are some of the best out there.

Gold Standard Whey Best Flavour


Is it flavour or flavor? I never seem to know.

Luckily, you don’t need to know either.

Double Rich Chocolate is the best flavor.


In my own personal Gold Standard whey flavors review, I noticed that the cake batter tasted fake and the banana was just terrible. Trust me on this one, you’re going to want to go with chocolate. You will thank me later that you did. The chocolate is one of the smoothest flavors that ON produces in most of their products.


on gold standard whey contents



Gold Standard Protein Nutrition Label


Optimum Nutrition is great at two things – making something very nutritious while also making it incredibly delicious. This is assuming that you bought the chocolate flavour (Yeah, I’m doing it with a “u” this time again) that I recommended above. If you decided to be ‘that guy’ and get the cake batter or banana, well… you kind of deserve a bad flavor at this point.



Let’s get back on track…


Quality nutrition is a huge part of the ON Brand. In fact, it is pretty much in the name Optimum Nutrition. Here is the nutrition label on the back of the Optimum Nutrition 100 whey gold standard package.

gold standard protein nutrition label


As you can see, there is quite a lot of protein in each scoop of this stuff. Not only is there a high protein content, but ON makes sure that its protein comes from high quality whey sources. They test all of their proteins in a lab.


Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Results


Every time I have used ON protein, I have gotten great results. But, let me strike some truth in you… I lift weights and eat healthy. If you are eating junk and not working out, just taking protein isn’t going to help you. In fact, most supplements probably won’t help you much.




If you are working out and eating healthy, then you will DEFINITELY see results. This protein is some pure stuff. If you are all natural and not on steroids, taking this stuff in my opinion is about the closest you can get to that bulked up steroid look.

gold standard protein hydro whey


Optimum Nutrition protein is simply amazing. It has given me great results and I’m sure it will deliver a solid benefit to you. If you are an all natural bodybuilder and don’t take steroids, you will see great results from taking this product. However, if you are taking steroids, you will see a ton of results from taking this product. Best of luck!


Performix Super T Review

performix super t reviews


Performix Super T Review – Hit Or Miss T-Booster


Let’s be clear about something…

Testosterone boosters, in general, are almost always hit or miss. There is not a single testosterone booster on the market today that will work for every single person. Why not? Different people have different chemistry.

performix sst weightloss


While all humans may seem like they are the same and that if someone else puts something into their body and gets results that you should get the same result, you might not. With all this being said, should you take Performix Super T? My suggestion – try it.

The good thing about this supplement is that as far as Testosterone Boosters go, it is pretty mild. I noticed this in a lot of other Performix Super T reviews that I read. That means that if you do have any bad side effects from taking Performix Super T, then they will probably be pretty small bad effects.


The Good Side Of Performix Super T


The main good effect from taking Performix Super T was that my testosterone DID increase while I was taking it for 3 months. While I saw the actual results from my doctor, I could feel the results in real time.

performix super t nutrition facts

My lifting sessions became a lot more productive, I was a bit angrier most of the time, and I had no problems getting it up in the bedroom. I always felt ready to go to the gym and lift heavy compound movements with no problems. With all of that being said, there were some minor side effects that I had while taking Performix Super T. Most of the effects I felt were good, but not everything was hunky-dory.


The Bad Side Of Performix Super T

The only bad side effect I had from Performix Super T that was kind of my fault. I recommend you definitely eat something before you take these supplements. A couple mornings I downed one pill and skipped breakfast, my stomach hated me for it about an hour later. You might get stomach cramps if you take this supplement before eating.

performix super t reviews side effects



I would recommend trying Performix Super T out. I hope my Performix Super T review was helpful to you, it did really help me boost my testosterone for 3 months. I stopped taking Super T because it just wasn’t potent enough for my liking, but if you are looking for a very mild testosterone booster that does work, then I recommend at least trying it out.